Community Surveys

Community Strategic Plan and Community Satisfaction Survey 2022

Council engaged Micromex Research in early 2022 to undertake a survey to look at the key themes and objectives within Council’s proposed Community Strategic Plan and also to undertake a Community Satisfaction Survey. A summary is provided on the survey findings. The survey explored to understand what residents love about living in the Weddin Shire area and their quality of life. It gave Council an opportunity to understand and identify the community priorities for the Weddin Local Government Area. This included looking at the community’s overall satisfaction with Council’s performance and the level of communication with the community.

A summarised version can be found here(PDF, 2MB)

Community Satisfaction Survey 2023

Council engaged Woolcott Research in mid-2023 to undertake a survey to understand and identify community priorities, to explore community experiences when contacting Council, and to measure overall satisfaction with Council's performance. The survey results help identify what is important to the community, what Council is doing well, where Council needs to place more focus, and areas for improvement.

This survey forms a key part of measuring and evaluating the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, and the Community Engagement Strategy.

The most recent survey was conducted in July and August 2023. A summarised version can be found here(PDF, 3MB)