Council Meetings

Picture of Weddin Shire Council building, Councillors and Directors

Weddin Shire Council ordinarily meets at 5:00pm on the third (3rd) Thursday of every month in the Council Chambers, located in our Administration Office. It is during these meetings that Councillors, with the assistance of Executive staff, discuss, debate and make decisions on business set out in the meeting Agenda.

The General Manager prepares the Agenda and any relevant business papers for each meeting; a compilation of any and all matters that are to be considered by Council. These documents are distributed to Councillors and made available to the public on the Agendas & Minutes for Council Meetings page on, or before the Friday preceding the relevant meeting. Minutes of past meetings of Council can also be viewed on the Agendas & Minutes for Council Meetings page.

Note: Council may, from time to time, resolve to alter the schedule and/or commencement time of its Ordinary meetings. Any such changes will be advertised accordingly.

Public attendance at Council meetings

Weddin Shire Council encourages the community to participate in the decision-making process. All Council meetings are open to the public, live-streamed (wherever possible) and recorded. Some matters may need to be considered by Council in a closed session due to their confidential natureany members of the public that are present will be asked to leave during this part of the meeting only.

Members of the public attending meetings in-person are asked to sit in the Public Gallery and comply with Council's Code of Conduct and Code of Meeting Practice.

Members of the public may also watch Council meetings live on the Virtual Meetings page and on Council's Facebook page. Recordings of past Council meetings are also available for viewing on these pages.

A Public Forum is held prior to each Ordinary Council meeting during which time members of the public are invited to speak on items of business to be considered at the meeting. Further information about applying to address Council is available on the Public Forum page.