Integrated Planning and Reporting

Integrated Planning & Reporting

Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) describes the system of integrated business planning for local government in New South Wales (NSW).

IP&R was introduced in 2009 and stems from the central principle that all council planning should originate from a sound understanding of the community’s expectations around priorities and service levels. It comprises a series of interrelated documents that together provide a rigorous, consistent approach to community planning across all NSW local councils, while also ensuring alignment with regional and state priorities. The IP&R Framework, pictured below, demonstrates the way in which Council's strategic documents interact with and inform each other.

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

In essence the IP&R Framework begins with the community's, not Council's, aspirations for a period of at least 10 years. It includes a suite of integrated plans that set out a vision and goals and strategic actions to achieve them. It involves a reporting structure to communicate progress to Council and the community as well as a structured timeline for review to ensure the goals and actions are still relevant.

Each of the main components of the Framework are summarised below.

Annual Report

Reports back to the community on Council's progress in a given year to deliver on the commitments of the Delivery Program via that year’s Operational Plan. Council also reports on its financial and asset performance against the annual budget and longer-term plans.

Duration: Report for the past twelve (12) months 
Timeline: Prepared annually within three (3) months of the end of the fiscal year

2022 - 2023 Annual Report with Audited Financial Statements(PDF, 33MB)

Past Years Documents: Reports from previous years


Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

The highest level of strategic planning undertaken by Council, with a ten-year plus (10 ) timeframe. All other plans must support achievement of the Community Strategic Plan objectives; the community's main priorities and aspirations for the future articulated.

plans for the next ten plus (10 ) years
Timeline: reviewed/prepared by each incoming Council after being elected, generally every four (4) years
Document:  Community Strategic Plan Weddin 2017-2027(PDF, 3MB)

Delivery Program (DP)

Council’s commitment to the community about what it will deliver during its term in office to achieve the Community Strategic Plan objectives, translated into actionable and measurable outcomes.

Duration: plans for the next electoral term, generally four (4) years
Timeline: prepared by each incoming Council after being elected, generally every four (4) years
Review: reviewed annually
Document:  Delivery Program 2022-2026(PDF, 2MB)

Operational Plan (OP)

Shows the individual actions Council will undertake in a specific year as part of working towards its overall outcomes. It includes Council’s annual budget and Statement of Revenue Policy.

plans for the next twelve (12) months
Timeline: prepared annually at the beginning of the fiscal year
Document: Operational Plan 2024 - 2025(PDF, 4MB)

Resourcing Strategy

Shows how Council will resource its strategic priorities, identified through IP&R. The Resourcing Strategy includes 3 inter-related elements:

  • Long-Term Financial Planning
  • Workforce Management Planning
  • Asset Management Planning

plans for the next ten plus (10 years)
Timeline: prepared by each incoming Council after being elected, generally every four (4) years
Review: reviewed annually
Documents: Long Term Financial Plan(PDF, 2MB)
  Workforce Management Plan(PDF, 2MB)
  Asset Management Plan - Buildings(PDF, 2MB)
  Asset Management Plan - Transport and Stormwater Drainage(PDF, 3MB)
  Asset Management Plan - Open Space and Recreation(PDF, 2MB)
  Asset Management Plan - Sewerage(PDF, 2MB)



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