Grenfell Main Street Renewal

Grenfell Main Street is home to some of the most historic commercial buildings in New South Wales and is currently undergoing a street beautification makeover including reconstruction of the road pavement and an upgrade of a range of underground services.

A completely new underground drainage system, cabling for centre street lights and an irrigation system for the soon to be installed tree plantings are all nearing completion.

The tree planting scheme is the highlight of the project with some fifty seven trees along the centre of the street and in the road shoulder adjacent to the footpaths.

Varieties such as Ornamental Pear and Autumn Blaze maple will provide a cooling effect in the summer and vibrant colour in the autumn.

The street pavement reconstruction works will commence early in the New Year and the project is scheduled for completion in 2023.

As with all infrastructure projects at the moment there are challenges with the weather and difficulties in obtaining materials in a timely manner.

Council has engaged the project management services of Public Works Advisory and are working closely with them on the project “re-set” and have been meeting on a regular basis.

Council staff are in regular contact with the various Main Street businesses in an endeavour to cause as little disruption as possible during the works.

A number of construction techniques have been developed to keep the street open to traffic in both directions as much as possible

The progress of works will be published on Council’s website on a weekly basis. Council endeavours to provide this progress of works on Mondays to forecast the works ahead for the week to keep business owners and the community informed.

A copy of the Grenfell Main Street Renewal Plans can be found here(PDF, 22MB).