About Our Organisation

The Weddin Shire local government area (LGA) covers an area of 345,683 ha of the Central West region; adjoining Cowra, Hilltops, Bland and Forbes shires.

Weddin Shire Council was formed out of the voluntary amalgamation of Grenfell Municipality and Weddin Shire areas in 1975. Council operates out of its Administration Building and Works Depot, both located in Grenfell, and provides its services to the 3,700 residents of Weddin Shire.

Our Mission

Weddin Shire Council - Bringing us together, sustaining Weddin into the Future

Our Vision

Council's vision is one of a progressive rural locality with a vibrant and welcoming community, rich in both heritage and the natural environment, with a diverse and resilient economy that supports local employment and business.

Our Objectives

For the future as in the past, Weddin Shire Council will endeavour to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Collaborative wealth building (strong, diverse and resilient economy)
  • Innovation in service delivery (healthy, safe and educated community)
  • Democratic and engaged community supported by efficient internal systems
  • Culturally rich, vibrant and inclusive community
  • Sustainable natural, agricultural and built environments
  • Shire assets and services delivered effectively and efficiently.