About Our Organisation

The Weddin Shire local government area (LGA) covers an area of 345,683 ha of the Central West region; adjoining Cowra, Hilltops, Bland and Forbes shires.

Weddin Shire Council was formed out of the voluntary amalgamation of Grenfell Municipality and Weddin Shire areas in 1975. Council operates out of its Administration Building and Works Depot, both located in Grenfell, and provides its services to the 3,700 residents of Weddin Shire.

Our Mission

Weddin Shire Council - working for and with the community

Our Vision

Council's vision is one of an area with a harmony of urban and rural interests and with a strong commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents.

Our Goals

For the future as in the past, Weddin Shire Council will endeavour to achieve: -

  • Satisfactory maintenance and improvement of all services.
  • Sound management of assets and finances.
  • Improved communication with residents.
  • Balanced promotion of tourism and development.
  • Improved productivity and morale with a well trained, motivated and safe workforce.
  • Ongoing development of a corporate risk management strategy.