Tenders, Quotations and Expressions of Interest

Weddin Shire Council frequently issues Tenders for the supply of materials, equipment and services. Tenders are advertised and during this time tender documents are available to prospective tenderers from Council Offices.
Tender closing times are strictly adhered to and tenders received after the advertised closing date and time cannot be considered. The format required for submission of tenders is provided in the advertisement and also the tender documents. Failure to submit a tender in the required format may lead to a tender not being considered by Council.
Tenderers are advised to contact Local Government Procurement in relation to any questions relating to the current Tenders.  RFT documents may be obtained via  VendorPanel







Weddin Shire Council is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from community organisations or qualified individuals to lease or license the Old Dennis Fire Truck.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 November 2022, Council Resolution 295/22, agreed that Council would seek an EOI from community organisations or qualified individuals to lease or license the Old Dennis Fire Truck, subject to agreed conditions on matters including routine maintenance, restoration, garaging, insurance, fuel, major repairs, registration, tyres and use for exhibitions and promotional events.

The 1947 F1 Dennis Fire Truck (Engine number 155314E130) wasn't commissioned for use until 1953 and was allocated to the following stations/locations during its time of service:

  • Gladesville (March 1953)
  • Singleton (July 1957)
  • Portland (1965)
  • Evans Head (March 1966)
  • Withdrawn from service in 1973.

Our Dennis was obtained by Weddin Shire Council from NSW Fire Brigade.  Our Fire Truck was used by Weddin Shire Fire Fighters (not so much the Grenfell Fire Brigade) as a high output pumper and was used in at least one of the Weddin Mountain fires.  Old Dennis has been used in many street processions and has a strong connection with the past of the Weddin Shire.  In addition, the 1947 Dennis Fire Trucks are fairly scarce. 

Unfortunately, Old Dennis is sitting quietly and is not receiving a lot of attention (maintenance or restoration) or being utilised, Council would like to see Old Dennis looked after and wheeled out for exhibitions and events within the region (250kms wherever possible).

If you think you have the time, interest and energy in looking after Old Dennis and can envisage using Old Dennis at your events, please provide a one page EOI outlining your interest, proposed purpose of use, and concept to mail@weddin.nsw.gov.au no later than COB Friday 3 February 2023.

Noreen Vu