Rates are levied as a tax on property issued by Council to assist in funding the services we provide to the community. They make up approximately 25% of Council's total revenue.

Your rates are calculated in June every year according to the type of land your property is, and its land value as supplied by the NSW Valuer General every three (3) years. Council allocates rates across each of the four (4) following categories: -

  • residential
  • business
  • farmland
  • mining

Council also levies Waste Management/Rural Garbage Charges to recover the costs of providing waste collection and disposal services and maintaining the number of waste management facilities throughout the Shire.

Additionally, a Sewer Charge is incurred on all sewered land in the Grenfell Town area to meet the recurring and capital costs of providing Wastewater Treatment services.

Council reviews its rating policies annually in conjunction with the preparation of the Operational Plan, in particular the equity of rates allocation across the various classes and areas of ratepayers. Further information on Council's rating structure and calculations can be found in the Operational Plan(PDF, 3MB).

When are my rates due?

Rates instalments are due on the following dates for the 2022/2023 financial year: -

  1. 31 August 2022
  2. 30 November 2022
  3. 28 February 2023
  4. 31 May 2023

For any ratepayer wishing to pay the amount in full, payments must be made by 31 August 2022. Overdue instalments will accrue interest daily.

How can I pay my rates?

In person

Payments may be made in person at Council's Administration Office during business hours; we accept Cheque, Cash, Credit Card and EFTPOS.

Alternatively, payments may be made at Quandialla Post Office.

Direct Payment

Payments may be made directly to Council's bank account. Anyone wishing to do this should contact Weddin Shire Council directly on 02 6343 1212 for bank details and instructions.

Note: Please ensure you include your rate assessment number and, if enough space is available, your surname in the Reference section.



Payments may be made using BPAY; instructions on how to pay using this method can be found on your rates notice.

Note: Please ensure you use the correct reference number when paying with BPAY; using an incorrect reference number may allocate your payment to the wrong account.


Cheque and Cash payments may be posted to Council using the following address: -

Rates Officer
Weddin Shire Council
PO Box 125

Note: Please ensure you include the bottom section of your rates notice.



Ratepayers who are eligible pensioners may claim a rebate on their rates. They are required to complete a Pensioner Concession Rate Rebate form(PDF, 941KB) and present their pension card at Council's office to activate this rebate. The form is also available at Council office to fill out.