PUBLIC NOTICE | Pre-Meeting Briefing | Thursday 20 April 2023

Published on 04 April 2023


Public Notice(PDF, 278KB) | Pre-Meeting Briefing | Thursday 20 April 2023

n accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice, prior to the Thursday 20 April 2023 Ordinary Meeting of Council, the General Manager will convene a Pre-Meeting Briefing Session to brief Council on business to be considered at the meeting.

Notice has been given to Councillors for Thursday 20 April 2023 commencing at 4:00pm to 5:00pm at the Council Committee Room.

The Pre-Meeting Briefing Session must adhere to Council’s Code of Meeting Practice and is voluntary for Councillors to attend. 

The Session will be held in the absence of the public in accordance with clause 3.33 of the Code of Meeting Practice.

The General Manager will preside at the Pre-Meeting Briefing Session.

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