Published on 04 May 2023

EV Charger




Council has now installed an EV Charging Station(PDF, 347KB)  at the Grenfell Aquatic Centre. Council successfully submitted an application to the NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change Drive Electric NSW EV Destination Charging Grants – Round One in November 2022 to the value of $17,993.58.

The Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030 sets out the state’s ambitions to protect our future. The shift to electric vehicles (EV) will play an important part in reducing transport emissions. In June 2021, the NSW Government launched the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy to make NSW the easiest and most affordable place to buy and operate an electric vehicle (EV) in Australia.

Under the existing electrical transmission infrastructure, Grenfell is suitable for a highly capable 25-50kW destination charger to encourage drivers to visit the region. Whilst we are not in the position for a fast charging station just yet, we are proud to announce this installation.

The medium level DC fast charger in Grenfell is a welcome addition to the network. The time to charge vehicles from empty will vary from vehicle to vehicle, however a rule of thumb, for one EV with a 60kWh battery can take approximately three hours to charge from empty. This allows travellers to walk up to the Main Street and explore the sights of Grenfell, visit our local shops and eat at our local restaurants, pubs and cafes whilst waiting for the charge or top up.  

The Grenfell Aquatic Centre was identified as a suitable site by ChargeWorks (through our Central NSW Joint Organisation). The dual port 22kW EVSE is connected to the pool switchboard immediately next to the road. The site will be linked to Council’s solar PV system on the pool amenities building which will service the energy requirements of the chargers. Other sites could be explored subject to grant funding.


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