Council Mobile Hub

Published on 11 November 2022


Weddin Shire Council is proud to announce that we will be implementing a Council Mobile Hub. The purpose of the Council Mobile Hub is for staff based in Grenfell to come out to the villages to assist our community with their enquiries. We will be working remotely to allow you to come and visit us.  Please note that we will not be offering a Cashier service that day (i.e. we will not be handling cash or any transactions). This is a good opportunity for our villages to meet some of our team who you may not have met. Please come meet the team:

General Manager – Noreen Vu

Director of Corporate Services – Michael Chalmers

Director of Environmental Services – Luke Sheehan

Director of Infrastructure Services – Linda Woods

Economic Development and Tourism Officer – Claire McCann

Rates Clerk – Graham Eppelstun

Animal Control Officer – Allison Knowles

Grenfell Internet Centre Officer – Josh Dawes (We all know Josh will be the man of the moment with all of your IT related questions)


Pop in for a chat. We will be at the following locations:


Quandialla Memorial Soldiers Hall


22 November 2022

9:30am to 3:00pm


Caragabal Memorial Hall


29 November 2022

9:30am to 3:00pm


Greenethorpe Soldiers Memorial Hall


1 December 2022

9:30am to 3:00pm


If you can’t catch us for this one, don’t worry, we’ll be back!




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