Weddin Shire Council


Weddin Shire Council has nine (9) Councillors who are generally elected every four (4) years in September. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are nominated and elected by their fellow Councillors: -

  1. if it is the first election after an ordinary election of Councillors—within 3 weeks after the ordinary election is declared; or
  2. if it is not that first election—biennially at the Ordinary Council meeting held during the month of September

Please find below a list of Weddin Shire Councillors recently elected at the December 2021 local government elections.


Mayor Clr Craig Bembrick


Deputy Mayor Clr Paul Best


Clr Michelle Cook


Clr Phillip Diprose


Clr Warwick Frame EMAIL:  

Clr Glenda Howell EMAIL:  

Clr Jason Kenah EMAIL:  

Clr Stuart McKellar


Clr Jan Parlett EMAIL: