Committees of Council


The objective of the ARIC is to provide independent assurance to the Council by monitoring, reviewing and providing advice about the Council governance processes, compliance, risk management and control frameworks, external accountability obligations and overall performance.

The ARIC is to be independent to ensure it has no real or perceived bias or conflicts of interest that may interfere with its ability to act independently and to provide the Council with robust, objective and unbiased advice and assurance.

The ARIC is to have an advisory and assurance role only and is to exercise no administrative functions, delegated financial responsibilities or any management functions of the Council.  The ARIC provides independent advice to the Council that is informed by the Council internal audit and risk management activities and information and advice provided by staff, relevant external bodies and subject matter experts.




The functions of the Bogolong Dam Precinct Committee is:

  • to provide key stakeholder input and advice on the use of Bogolong Dam
  • to review the operational activities of Bogolong Dam
  • to provide strategic direction of the upgrade of the Bogolong Dam, including the Masterplan
  • to maintain a group of volunteers for Dam activities in accordance with relevant WHS legislation
  • to assist Council with all Dam activities in accordance with relevant WHS legislation
  • to provide advice on risk management practices related to Bogolong Dam
  • to engage with aquatic, recreation and environmental groups.


The functions of the Weddin Shire Council Australia Day Committee is to plan and coordinate the annual Australia Day Ceremony and activities held in Grenfell.


The function of The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts Committee (HLF) is:


 To organise, promote, coordinate and conduct an annual Festival over the June long weekend , to commemorate the birth of Henry Lawson in Grenfell on 17 June 1867.


 As part of the Festival, to conduct competitions in the Arts for Australian creative talent and to offer awards to the winners of these competitions. To organise Signature Events including parade, market stalls, street entertainment.


 To invite the winners (as referred to in sub-clause(b) above) to Grenfell to receive their awards at the Festival each year.


 To make an annual award (if a suitable nomination in the opinion of the Committee is received) to a resident of the Weddin Shire or a supporter of the Festival, who has made a meritorious and significant contribution to the Arts, either in the preceding 12 months or continuously over an extended period of time. The award can be made in any field of the Arts and can be made to a practising artist, writer or performer, a teacher or tutor, or an administrator who has organised and encouraged participation in the Arts.


 To undertake fundraising and promotional activities throughout the year and during the Festival, with funds raised to be used solely for the benefit of current or future Festivals and for such other purposes that the committee may decide with approval of Councillors.


 To liaise with other community organisations for assistance as required.


 To liaise with and seek grant assistance from State and Federal Government bodies including Arts OutWest.


The functions of the Weddin Shire Weeds Committee are:

  • to ensure Council’s obligations under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015 are met.
  • to oversee implementation of the Central West Regional Strategic Weeds Management Plan.
  • to prioritise weeds problems for inclusion in the annual grant application.
  • to monitor and review the classifications of weeds within the Shire.
  • to consider weeds publicity campaigns throughout the Shire.
  • to oversee Council’s Policy for Management of Noxious Weeds on Private Property.
  • to advise Council of relevant policy issues.



The functions of the Weddin Shire Council Tourism Committee Meeting are:

  • To prepare and review Council’s Strategic Tourism Plan. 

  • To identify and prioritise tourism proposals and projects. 

  • To identify and prioritise long and medium term objectives for tourism.

  • To prioritise tourism proposals for the annual Management Plan. 

  • To plan for the undertaking of projects identified in the Destination Management Plan (DMP). 

  •  To review the performance and benefits of tourism initiatives.

  •  To support an accredited Visitor Information Centre (VIC) for Grenfell.

  •  To support regional tourism initiatives through Central NSW Tourism.

  •  To advise Council on relevant policy issues.