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Permits & Licenses Use of Footpaths

The use of public footpaths requires the approval of Council. Activities that require this approval include: Raffle Street stalls Busking Charity appeal Mobile ticket selling Shop sale (tables out front) You will need written approval from Council to carry out the above activities Street Stalls In October/November of each year Council calls for applications from interested organisations for Street Stalls for the following year. Organisations are allocated dates on Fridays and Saturdays. Council's policy also only allows for 1 stall per week to be held. To find out about the conditions of holding a street stall click on the street stalls heading.

Use of Council's Parks and Gardens Weddin Shire Council has over 80ha of parks and reserves. The parks can be used for events such as weddings, reunions, christenings and parties. Contact with Councils Engineering Department for the use of the parks should be undertaken well in advance of any functions so that watering or other activity by Council does not disrupt your function.

Contact Council on 02 63431212 or by email on

Policy 5.4.2 - Footpath Restaurants & Street Trading

Footpath Restaurants & Street Trading Form