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Council News 6 March 2019


The construction of the new State-of-the-Art Grenfell Medical Centre is continuing and progressing well.  The construction which is one of a number of capital infrastructure projects Council has in progress will see a fit for purpose building including five consulting rooms, minor operations room, practice manager room, practice nurse room, medical meeting rooms, reception area, kitchen, storage facilities, office spaces and a dental services area with 2 consultation spaces developed. The Medical Centre will be of a very high standard and designed to serve the community well into the future. It will also include e-Health capacity with excellent digital integration facilitating collaboration and connectivity between the Health Hub, Grenfell MPS and the Orange Health Service.  This modern facility will be a ‘game changer’ in attracting and retaining General Practitioners (GPs) and facilitating the delivery of health services to the residents of the Weddin Shire for many years into the future.    The operation of the centre is currently being considered and it is anticipated that a decision will be made by Council in the near future with the successful Medical Practitioners expected to commence in the new facility mid April 2019.

The official opening of the new Medical Centre will take place at 11.00am on Friday 3 May, 2019.


As residents are aware Council has received grant funding of $8.81m under the Regional Water and Waste Water Backlog Program to upgrade the Grenfell Sewerage Treatment Plant.  This approval was part of the NSW Government’s $110million Regional Water and Waste Water Backlog Program to ensure regional communities have the right infrastructure to build for the future.  The Regional Water and Waste Water Backlog Program enables the construction of modern water and sewerage infrastructure and associated works to provide safe, secure and reliable water and sewerage services to communities. In regards to the status of the project Stage 2 has commenced with the concept design and REF completed with the detailed design in progress.

This is another exciting project Council is currently undertaking which will also upgrade our assets to ensure we remain sustainable in the future and continue to provide quality services to our residents.


Residents are reminded the Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW Central Region have advised that Financial Counsellor, John Beer is available to visit Grenfell. The Rural Financial Counselling Service provides free impartial and confidential services to farmers and small agricultural businesses.   They also provide information and assistance with farm innovation funds, natural disaster assistance and can assist in helping clients with a better understanding of their financial position.  Appointments are necessary and can be made on Ph 1800 940 404 or mobile 0408 973 723.


Council has identified future issues with garbage collection utilising the new Garbage truck which is due for delivery in April 2019.

Currently, several collection points are located in rear lanes of properties.  The new garbage truck is larger than the existing vehicle and will be impacted by overhanging trees along the lanes. These trees are exclusively located on private property.

There are major concerns regarding the:

  • cost to trim the trees to remove the obstruction.
  • the damage to Council’s New Garbage truck by these trees

To reduce initial and ongoing maintenance costs of tree lopping and remove the issue of damage to Council’s plant Council at its February 2019 Council Meeting resolved as follows:

  1. that all residential waste collections occur in the street frontage of all premises
  2. that Council provide 1-month notice for the change of collection procedure
  • that Council’s collection routes be changed to reflect no more collections for dwellings from residential lanes.

In addition Council received a request for domestic waste collection services to be provided to Henry Lawson Way in the vicinity of the Cemetery.  There are several new dwellings in the area with the Rural Residential land to the western side fully developed.

It is considered that with the large number of dwellings and future potential of residential development in the vicinity of Lynch’s Lane that a domestic garbage and recycling service be provided to all properties. Landowners will be advised services are available at the standard domestic garbage collection charge.


Advice has been received from the Southern Phone Company that Council will receive payment of our Southern Phone Company dividend in the amount of $12,099.90. This dividend represents 0.80% of the total dividend pool for this year of $1,000,000. The dividend calculation is based on 20% of the dividend pool being split equitably by the 35 shareholders, and 80% split based on the Southern Phone revenues generated in each Council’s area.  The number of Southern Phone customers in the Weddin Shire is increasing and if residents wish to switch to Southern Phone and assist the local community please call

Ph 1800 154 981 or 13 14 64. 


Member for Cootamundra the Hon Steph Cooke MP has advised the second allocation of the Flagship Fish Habitat Grants program has been announced and organisations are encouraged to apply. The program offers applicants up to $400,000 over two years for the rehabilitation of fish habitats.  

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke said the grants offer a unique chance to instigate large-scale improvements to local fish habitats.

Up to $400,000 per project is on offer and these projects can run for up to two years, with funding available to support the planning and site preparation necessary to fix important fish habitats.

Projects can include addressing wetland and riparian vegetation loss, riverbed and bank erosion, fish passage and poor water quality from the disturbance of acid sulfate soils.

Applications for 2019 Flagship Grants opened on February 11 and close at 5pm, April 12, 2019. 

For more information about the program, visit:


As advised last week Central Tablelands Water (CTW) have recently implemented Level 2 Water Restrictions from 1 January 2019.

Level 2 restrictions consists on an “odds and evens” system under which watering of gardens and lawns is permitted only every second day between the times of 6am to 9am and 6pm to 9pm, not with the use of fixed sprinklers.

All information pertaining to the requirements of Level 2 Water Restrictions are available on CTW’s website or by contacting the CTW administration office on Ph 6391 7200.

CTW will continue to closely monitor the inflows into Lake Rowlands and long term rainfall forecasts of the Bureau of Meteorology to determine when the restrictions can be removed.


The current exhibition at the Grenfell Art Gallery is a local exhibition by the Grenfell Community Art & Craft Group and will run until the 14th April, 2019.

The Grenfell Art Gallery is proud to showcase the recent works of our highly regarded local arts group. For many years they have been meeting at their Rose Street Rooms and enjoying friendship and art tuition.

This collection showcases their more recent works. These include still life, landscapes of local scenes in pastels, watercolours, acrylics and oils. Depending on the work in progress, there may also be some fine sketches and possibly charcoal works.

The Art Gallery is open Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm & Sunday 10am -2pm.


The next film to be screened at the Grenfell Cinema will be “Bohemian Rhapsody” at 8.00pm Saturday 9 March, 2019 which is replacing “A Star is Born” as this movie is unable to be screened at this present time.  Please see the adjacent advertisement for further details.


Dates to Note

Friday 8 March 2019 –Recycling Collection (Grenfell East)

Monday 11 March 2019 – Recycling Collection (Grenfell West)


Street Stalls

Friday 8 March 2019 – FOGL





Weddin Shire Council proposes to carry out road works on the Mid-Western Highway at the Greenethorpe Bumbaldry Road intersection with preliminary survey works commenced. The works involve the clearing of land for sight distance purposes followed by drainage structure widening and intersection widening to allow for the safe movement of heavy vehicles.

Council expects that roadworks will be completed by the 30th June 2019 with speed restrictions and traffic control in place for the duration of the work. The works are subject to satisfactory weather conditions. Working hours will be between 7am and 6pm.

Possible delays may be experienced during the road works. Council apologises for any inconvenience and will endeavour to act as promptly as possible particularly if you need access to property gates throughout the worksite.

Please contact Shahab on 0417 808 276 or Phil on 0439 980 098 if you have any enquiries.






In accordance with Section 101 of Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, public notice is hereby given that Council, at its December 2018 and February 2019 meeting or by delegation, has approved the following Development Applications; and are advertised for public information:


DA NO 60/2018 Applicant: Grenfell Senior Welfare, Property: Lot: 1 DP: 942201,

3 Forbes Street, GRENFELL NSW  2810, Purpose: Demolition of Dwelling         

DA NO 67/2018 Applicant: Mrs PF Coffee, Property: Lots: 7 & 8 SEC: B DP: 7892,

7 Railway Street, CARAGABAL  2809, Purpose: Garage

DA NO 68/2018 Applicant: Mr DA Barratt, Property: Lots: 6 ALT: A & B SEC: 18 DP: 7584, 80 George Street, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Alts to existing Unit Complex 

DA NO 69/2018 Applicant: Mr AS Dixon & Miss B Mawhinney, Property: Lot: 1 DP: 100103,

Eualdrie Parish, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Ext/Add Dwelling

DA NO 70/2018 Applicant: Mr IC Brenner, Property: Lot: 2 DP: 1072519, 56 Quongdong Road, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Car Storage Shed        

DA NO 71/2018 Applicant: Mr RZ Gora, Property:  Lot: 12 DP: 1171193, 293 Yambira Road, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: New Dwelling

DA NO 1/2019 Applicant: Mr LJ Howell, Property: Lot: 7 SEC: 6 DP: 758473

14 Weddin Street, GRENFELL NSW  2810, Purpose: New Shed

DA NO 2/2019 Applicant: Grenfell Rugby Club Incorporated, Property: Lot: 2 DP:1126750, Grafton Street, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Awning & Scoreboard



March Movies

Come and enjoy a movie or two

Free entry.

FOGL will be running a candy bar.

No hot food allowed

Bring your own bean bag or cushion for comfort. Chairs are provided.


Saturday 9 March 7.45pm for an 8pm start – Bohemian Rhapsody


Tuesday 12 March 10am for a 10.15am start – Tully


Booking of seats is preferred.











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