Weddin Shire Council

Council News - 5 October 2016

The Grenfell Sesquicentenary 150th anniversary celebrations were held over the long weekend from 1-3 October 2016 and were an outstanding success.

The weather conditions just kept getting better and better as right on cue just prior to the official opening on Saturday the skies opened up which allowed the opening to be held at the Railway Station as planned. The weather conditions on Sunday were absolutely perfect which allowed the excellent crowd the opportunity to enjoy the day reminiscing with family and friends.

The celebrations included a Grenfell art and photo exhibition, meet and greet bush dance, bus tour and activities in Taylor Park on the Sunday, which was the main day of the celebrations.

The 2016 Grenfell Sesquicentenary was a fantastic event and it is a credit to the committee and all of the volunteers who all worked tirelessly to make it such a great success.

The inaugural meeting of the Grenfell Sesquicentenary Committee was held on the 26 June 2014 to commence planning the event.

The committee has been operating for well over two years which is an absolutely phenomenal effort. The committee led by Chairman Mr Peter Moffitt should be very proud of themselves for staging such a magnificent weekend of celebrations particularly as the majority of committee members are on other committees in town.

On behalf of Council I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the committee members and volunteers for working tirelessly to make the 2016 Grenfell Sesquicentenary Celebrations a great success.

Similar to Weddin Shire the majority of Council’s are conducting their Mayoral elections during September.

Council has recently been advised of the following further results of surrounding Councils which may be of interest to residents:

  • Cowra Shire Council - Mayor Cr Bill West, Deputy Mayor Cr Judi Smith
  • Bland Shire Council – Mayor Cr Tony Lord, Deputy Mayor Cr Jan Wyse
  • Lachlan Shire Council – Mayor Cr John Medcalf, Deputy Mayor Cr Paul Phillips
  • Hawkesbury Council – Mayor Cr Mary Lyons-Buckett, Deputy Mayor Cr Carry Calvert
  • Cabonne Council – Mayor Cr Ian Gosper, Deputy Mayor Cr Lachie MacSmith

As residents may be aware Medical Pathways group who were operating the Weddin Street Medical Centre have unfortunately relinquished their interest in the practise and have vacated the building.

A doctor from Adelaide did express an interest in the practice however unfortunately due to family reasons had to decline.

The process to recruit another doctor is in progress which will be done as quickly as possible however as residents are no doubt aware from past experiences this will not be easy.

The NSW Rural Fire Service have advised that the Bush Fire Danger Period has been revoked for the Mid Lachlan Valley Team (MLVT) area and will not start until the first of November.

Continuing mild weather conditions and recent rainfall have caused NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) officers to declare a late start to the statutory Bushfire Danger Period. The Bushfire Danger Period traditionally starts on October 1 which means fire permits are not yet required for  Local Government Areas of MLVT.

A number of community education programs have been in place over the year and the (RFS) have advised  landholders should take advantage of the milder conditions and ensure their properties are well prepared for the upcoming fire season.

RFS officers can provide advice and assist private property owners in bushfire prone areas with free environmental assessments and a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificate if required.

For more information contact the Mid Lachlan Valley Team Ph (02)68511541 or visit

Council has received advice from the National Parkes and Wildlife advising that due to the recent wet weather there is currently no vehicle access to Weddin Mountains National Park.

The unsealed access trails within Bimbi State Forest to both Seatons Farm and to Ben Halls Camping and Picnic Area are not trafficable. Holy Camp Road on the approach to the eastern side of the reserve is also not trafficable.

Their advice at this stage is that visitors are not to attempt to access the National Park until the unsealed roads dry out and are trafficable again which could take some time.

The wet weather is continuing to create issues with our roads and drainage systems.

Council staff are continuing to do an excellent job in very difficult circumstances within the confines of Councils budget to monitor the situation and attend to issues as they arise. Council is currently seeking a Natural Disaster Declaration and once declared will apply for flood damage grant funding.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is also working closely with primary producers affected by the flood events occurring across NSW.  Due to the widespread nature of this event however they are unable to be present in all areas impacted immediately. 

DPI has developed an assistance guide for primary producers impacted, or likely to be impacted by the current flood events.

The following is a link to the assistance guide.

For up to date information on road closures in the area visit the live traffic website:

Residents understanding and patience during this very difficult time is very much appreciated.

A recent visitor to Grenfell Carmel Roach wrote to Council advising they drive through Grenfell every six weeks.

They visit various businesses in town as well as the Lions Park where they use the dump point and enjoy the amenities. Carmel was very impressed with our clean amenities and with the town overall.

It is very pleasing to receive letters like this which is a real credit to everyone involved.

The Art Gallery’s current exhibition is ‘Our Heritage, Our History’ which is being held to celebrate Grenfell’s rich history as part of last weekends Grenfell Sesquicentenary celebrations.  The exhibition is on display until  this Sunday 9 October, 2016.

The Gallery’s opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm & Sunday 10am to 2pm.

The next films to be screened at the Grenfell Cinema will be the children’s movie “The Good Dinosaur” 1.30 pm today, 5th October 2016.

Please see the adjacent advertisement for further details.

Dates to Note

7 October 2016 – Recycling Collection (Grenfell East)

10 October 2016 – Recycling Collection (Grenfell West)

Street Stalls

7/8 October

Grenfell Men’s Shed



Residents are hereby advised that the next film at the Grenfell Cinema will be shown as below:


 “The Good Dinosaur” – Rated PG                    1.30 pm today, Wednesday 5th October 2016


Tickets are available from Louisa’s Locker with prices detailed below:-


            $20              Family                                           $8      Single

            $5                Pensioners                                     $5      Children (12 yrs.)


As there are limited tickets available residents are encouraged to book early.




DA 43/2016

Council has received an Application DA 43/2016 for Proposed Shed with Awning, 3 Silos, Office and Amenities for Storage Facility for Grain – Minor processing and packing at Lots 1-6 Sec 35 in DP 758473 & Lot 1 in DP 539199, Cnr South & Brundah Streets, Grenfell.

Inspection:      The application DA No. 43/2016 may be viewed between the hours of 9.00 am to 4.00 pm from Wednesday 28 September to Wednesday 19 October 2016 at the Council’s Office, Camp Street, Grenfell.


Submissions:   Any person may make a submission in writing to the Consent Authority within the advertised period.  Submissions objecting to the development are required to specify the grounds for objection.


Written submissions are to be received at Council by 4.00 pm on Wednesday 19 October 2016.






DA 39/2016

Council has received an Application DA 39/2016 for New Dwelling & Bus Depot (3 Buses, 2 Operational) at Lot 2 in DP 1142374, 164 Quondong, Grenfell.


Inspection:      The application DA No. 39/2016 may be viewed between the hours of 9.00 am to 4.00 pm from Friday 30 September to Friday 21 October 2016 at the Council’s Office, Camp Street, Grenfell.


Submissions:   Any person may make a submission in writing to the Consent Authority within the advertised period.  Submissions objecting to the development are required to specify the grounds for objection.


Written submissions are to be received at Council by 4.00 pm on Friday 21 October 2016.