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Council News - 26 August 2020


Official Opening

of the

Lawson Park Amenities and Outdoor Gym Equipment

Tuesday 11 August 2020 was a significant day for sport in the Weddin Shire with the Official Opening of the Lawson Park Amenities and Outdoor Gym Equipment by the Hon Steph Cooke MP and Mayor Mark Liebich.

In conducting the Official Opening Ms Cooke recognised the tremendous amount of work Council is doing for the Weddin community including the delivery of the tremendous facilities now available in the Lawson Park precinct. Ms Cooke was also very pleased that the grant funding provided by the State Government is being used in such a positive and constructive manner.

The Official Opening was the culmination of the construction of these magnificent state-of-the-art facilities that will serve residents of the Weddin Shire and surroundings areas for many years into the future.

“Sport is an important part of Australian culture and for good reason: it brings people together, fosters a sense of belonging, creates lasting friendships and a sense of pride” Mayor Liebich said. Sport also serves as an enjoyable and helpful outlet in the promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing and Council acknowledges sport and social interaction as an important part of country living.

This facility will be the home of the Grenfell Goannas, Girlannas and Junior Rugby League teams. These facilities will also attract a range of ages and sporting interests such as touch football, soccer and exercise groups to name a few.

Mayor Liebich would like to thank Councillors and staff for having a vision for the future; we are passionate about our community and have a focus on building strength and resilience for the Weddin Shire. Congratulations to Councillors, staff and the community who have all worked together to bring this project to fruition.





Dates to Note

Friday 4 September 2020 – Recycling collection (Grenfell East)

Monday 7 September 2020 – Recycling collection (Grenfell West)

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