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Council News 25 October 2017


Common Thread Consulting Pty Ltd are continuing to undertake two projects under the Innovation Fund for the Mid Lachlan Alliance (MLA) Councils of Parkes, Forbes, Lachlan and Weddin Shires as part of a ‘Fitness Campaign’ as follows:

  1. To deliver a Fiscal Responsibility Action Plan (FRAP) ensuring that each of the Councils adopt sound financial principles, are fiscally responsible and meet the NSW Government’s Financially sustainable requirements, particularly in regard to submitted FFTF proposals and the new legislation set out in the recent Local Government Act, 1993 amendments.
  2. Complete two comprehensive efficiency and service reviews on two of the Council’s largest recurrent operational programs being Roads Infrastructure Maintenance and Parks and Gardens Infrastructure Maintenance.

The Fitness Campaign will strengthen the case for councils to remain independent with a focus on asset management, financial sustainability and improved service delivery.  It is founded upon simple documents (Service Dashboards) that will form part of each council’s integrated planning and reporting framework, helping us to better understand our business and that of our partners in the MLA.

Detailed reviews are currently being carried out in several areas including ICT (Information Communications and Technology), Civica Authority (corporate computer system), roads, parks and customer service. Higher level reviews are also being carried out of all services to identify areas to explore further. 

Where a potential opportunity for improvement is identified, a business case will be developed (either for our Council or for a number of Councils in the Alliance) that considers the costs, benefits and risks.  If the business case is positive, it will then be recommended to Council for approval.  A Program Management Office will be established in each Council to coordinate the development of business cases, develop project documentation and monitor the progress of each project. A robust project management approach is an important part of the Fitness Campaign as this will help keep projects on track and ensure desired outcomes are realised. The result will be a sustainable Council with the capability and capacity to deliver better value for our local community.

A Connected Leadership Program is also being developed as part of the Fitness Campaign. The Connected Leadership Program is an integral part of the Fitness Campaign because each Council has recognised that we need to think and work differently. The program includes a combination of one-on-one coaching and development as well as group workshops. The one-on-one sessions will focus on developing the behaviours of individual leaders to support a shift in organisational culture.  Group workshops will focus on developing a shared vision and purpose within each Council and across the MLA. 

We are also currently awaiting the outcome of a grant funding application submitted under the Smart Cities and Suburbs program for $475,000 on behalf of the Alliance Councils to assist in ensuring we are able to access and use smart technology to enable us to become more productive and sustainable as well as being able to deliver services in a more efficient and effective manner.

The NSW Government’s $1.3 billion Regional Growth Fund (RGF) is aimed at supporting projects valued between $100,000 and $1 million, or even higher with financial co-contribution. The current status of the funds within the RGF is detailed below:

Stronger Country Communities Fund

The “once-in-a-generation” Stronger Country Communities Fund which is part of the NSW Government’s $1.3 billion Regional Growth Fund will support projects valued between $100,000 and $1 million, or even higher with financial co-contribution.

An amount of $768,982 is available under the fund for two (2) years and Council has submitted a grant funding application to undertake the Main Street infrastructure revitalization project.

Mr. Michael McFeeters from MJM Consulting Engineers has developed the concept plans and a total cost estimate which were required for the grant funding application. Community consultation sessions will be conducted as part of the planning process.

This is a great opportunity to commence the Main Street upgrade which is a high priority in our Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

Regional Cultural Fund

The Regional Cultural funding is available to build and upgrade arts and cultural venues including Art Gallery’s, Libraries, performance spaces and cultural centres.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) was submitted on behalf of the Grenfell Dramatic Society to upgrade the Grenfell Community Arts Centre building. An EOI was also submitted on behalf of the Grenfell Art Gallery Committee to install solar power for the community hub building and temperature control for the Art Gallery.

We are currently awaiting the outcome of the EOI to see if we will be invited to submit a grant funding application.

Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund

Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) for the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund are open all year round with the fund targeting investments over $1m.

Organisations can make a joint application with project nominations involving partnerships of eligible groups encouraged. In this regard a submission of an EOI titled ‘Weddin Shire Sporting Infrastructure Upgrades’ for the upgrade of the following local sporting clubs infrastructure is currently in progress:

  • Caragabal Sports Club
  • Grenfell Rugby Union Club
  • Grenfell Rugby League Club
  • Grenfell Soccer Club
  • Grenfell Kart Club
  • Grenfell Tennis Club
  • Grenfell Squash Club

Growing Local Economies Fund

The Growing Local Economies Fund was established to develop infrastructure to grow regional centres.

The fund is administrated by the Office of Regional Development whereby there is a two step process to apply for funding as follows:

  1. Contact the Office of Regional Department to discuss proposed projects
  2. Submit a business case

Eligible projects will be then assessed against four program criteria’s:

  • Strategic Assessment
  • Economic Assessment
  • Affordability
  • Deliverability

In regards to the application process advice has been received from the Department of Premier and Cabinet that funding will be distributed on a regional basis. This is a key change for this particular fund as it is a move away from the rounds-based, whole-of-State competitive process to a new process that will see a notional allocation made to each regional economic area. This approach gets rid of the need to meet deadlines or competing against other regional areas, and will enable a planned, whole-of-region approach to growing our community and economy.

A draft set of regional economic areas called Functional Economic Regions (FERs) have been identified after examining a range of economic factors including labour flows, population and market characteristics, communities of interest and supply chains. These regional economic areas are usually comprised of a number of smaller towns surrounding a larger town (hub and spoke) and may cross Local Government boundaries. Weddin Shire has been included in the South West Slopes FER with Bland, Cootamundra, Hilltops and Temora Shires.

To enable the Government to move away from a state-wide approach and to approve projects related to growing economies in each of these areas, each FER will need to have a current Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) that clearly articulates key economic priorities and the enablers that are required to deliver them.

The Department want to make the development of the REDS as simple as possible and so they have appointed economic consultants to guide the process in order to reduce the administrative burden on Councils and other community organisations. It is recognised that many Local Government areas have existing, well developed strategies and that many of these will have a section which considers neighbouring Local Government Areas. In such cases, the process should be quite quick because this material will be used in the REDS. Applicants must demonstrate how projects will improve economic outcomes for communities and where possible projects should support local procurement, job creation and skills development.

As the process will be finished within 4-8 weeks it is critical that we have input into the process to ensure our projects are included in the REDS. The Department will lodge the strategy with Infrastructure NSW and the projects will then commence.

In this regard a meeting was held in Young on Tuesday 10 October 2017 to review the existing infrastructure priorities of each Council which may be to undertake the Main Street beautification works associated with the Main Street upgrade. A further meeting will be conducted in Young on Wednesday 1 November 2017 to further progress this process.

The Henry Lawson Festival Committee held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 17 October 2017 with the new executive elected as follows: 

President – Alan Griffiths 

Vice President - Glenn Carroll 

Secretary - Auburn Carr 

Assistant Secretary – Pam Livingstone 

Treasurer – Penny Starr 

Assistant Treasurer – Danni Millyn 

All of the co-ordinators positions were nearly filled and there is a strong possibility these vacancies will be filled in the near future which is a fantastic result.  Congratulations to the other members of the executive and to the co-ordinators on your election.

Thank you very much for giving freely of your time to undertake your respective portfolios and all the very best for the 2018 Henry Lawson Festival.

Nominations for the annual Weddin Shire Australia Day Awards are being invited this week and interested persons and organisations are invited to make nominations for the 2018 Awards within the categories detailed below:- 

- Citizen of the Year 

- Senior Citizen of the Year 

- Community Event/Organisation of the Year 

- Community Achievement Awards in any category. 

Nominations forms are available at the Council Chambers or Council’s website: and will be accepted up until Friday 1 December 2017.

Residents are encouraged to nominate community members who they think are deserving of an award in any of the categories.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs to collect over 27,000 blood donations every week and you can help support this life-saving service by rolling up your sleeve and giving blood. The Mobile Blood Service will be visiting Grenfell on Thursday 9 November, 2017 and will be stationed at Vaughn Park. Blood donations will be accepted from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service encourages anyone who wishes to make a blood donation to:

  • Drink up! – Have 3 or 4 glasses of water or juice in the hours before you donate.
  • Eat! – Have a good sized breakfast or lunch.
  • Bring photo I.D. with you.

Every blood donation saves three lives so by rolling up your sleeve and giving blood you are helping make a huge difference in the lives of many people.  To make an appointment call 13 14 95 or visit

The current exhibition at the Grenfell Art Gallery is "Botanica Domestica" by Shani Nottingham which is on display from the 24th October – 3rd December 2017. Shani's photos, art and words have also been featured in many magazines, blogs and websites including: Inside Out magazine, Central West Lifestyle, Sunday Style/ Tickle the Imagination, Houzz, uppercase, Interiors Addict. Her art is represented in both private and public collections and is well worth a visit to the gallery to see.

The next film to be screened at the Grenfell Cinema will be “Hacksaw Ridge” at 2.00pm 8 November, 2017.  Please see the adjacent advertisement for further details.

Dates to Note

Friday 3 November 2017 – Recycling Collection (Grenfell East)

Monday 6 November 2017 – Recycling Collection (Grenfell West) 


Street Stalls

Friday 27 and Saturday 28 October 2017 - Grenfell Senior Citizen’s Welfare Committee





Weddin Shire Council at its Ordinary meeting held 21 September 2017 resolved to place the Draft Policy Provision of Community Project Support on public exhibition for comment. 

This policy has been prepared to establish a framework for Council to consider, assess and determine the provision of Community Support.

Submissions will be accepted until 4.00 pm on Wednesday 8 November 2017. The draft policy can be viewed at Council or on the website





Council is inviting applications from motivated and enthusiastic persons to fill the following position:

  • Projects Engineer

Appointment to the position will be in accordance with the Local Government (State) Award.

Further information and a job description can be obtained by contacting Maegan during business hours on (02) 6343 1212, email or visit Council’s website at

Applications for this position close 4 pm Friday, 17 November 2017 and should be forwarded to the undersigned.



Residents are hereby advised that the next film at the Grenfell Cinema will be shown as below:

“Hacksaw Ridge” – Rated MA 15+ - Wednesday 8 November 2017 – 2.00pm                               

Tickets are available from Louisa’s Locker with prices detailed below:-

            $20              Family                                           $8      Single

            $5                Pensioners                                     $5      Children (12 yrs.)

As there are limited tickets available residents are encouraged to book early.


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