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Council News 20 September 2017


Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is proposing to undertake works for the upgrade of the Mid Western Highway and Greenethorpe-Bumbaldry Road intersection which is great news.
Under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007, Roads and Maritime Services is currently consulting with Council in regards to the potential impacts on Council infrastructure.

The upgrade of the intersection will compliment the recent upgrade work undertaken on the Greenethorpe - Bumbaldry Road.

As residents are aware Council offers a weekly kerbside domestic waste collection service and a fortnightly kerbside recycling collection service.

A kerbside garbage collection audit was recently conducted to collect data of the composition and contamination of each bin to be able to identify opportunities for improvement through targeted community engagement and educations programs.

The overall composition of the residential waste bin showed that compostables dominated the sample (57%) with recyclables (13%) and residual waste at (30%). The overall composition of the recycling bin was recyclables (96%) and residual waste (4%) which is a very good result.

The report provided recommendations for Council to consider in its ongoing waste collection process. These are:

  • Investigate the implementation of a kerbside food and garden organics collection
  • Educate residents on the green waste accepted at the Grenfell Depot
  • Provide clear and readily available information about the services available and waste accepted at the various Depots in the region
  • Create a modern education program for recyclables, highlighting identified material which often poses confusion

The audit was a very worthwhile process which together with the proposed education program should see continued improvement on our domestic garbage and recycling collection services.

Residents are reminded that the Heart Foundation, Big Heart Doorknock Appeal is being conducted Australia wide during September and is being held in Grenfell between Friday 1 September and Saturday 30 September, 2017. This will involve 4,800 volunteer collectors knocking on doors to collect vital funds for the Heart Foundation's lifesaving research and health programs. Donations collected during the Big Heart Appeal will fund lifesaving research into cardiovascular disease, community education programs, and services to patients to keep Australian hearts healthy.

Also a reminder, the Western Region Winter Volunteer Sporting Spirit Award is an opportunity to recognise volunteers who are the lifeblood of grassroots sport in country NSW. Sporting clubs and association members are invited to nominate individual volunteer(s) or youth (25 years and under) who would be deserving of such an award. To be eligible for the winter award the nominee must have been a volunteer with the club or association during the period from April to September 2017.  To nominate your volunteer, describe in 150 words or less why your nominee is the most deserving volunteer. This might include the: 

  •  Time they dedicate to the club, association or committee
  • Positive attitude they demonstrate while volunteering
  • Positive role model they provide to younger, and other club members
  • Expertise and knowledge they bring to volunteering 
  • Encouragement they give to others in the club, association or committee.

Submit nominations online at Nominations close on Friday 13 October 2017.

Residents are advised that the Local Sport Grant Program and the Safe Shooting Program are now open.

There are four project types within the Local Sport Grant Program, these being:

  1. Sport Development - $250-$2,000
  2. Community Sport Events - $250-$5,000
  3. Sport Access - $250-$5,000
  4. Facility Development $1,000-$20,000

The Office of Sport administers the Safe Shooting Program on behalf of the Office for Police, Department of Justice. The primary focus for the 2017-2018 round of funding is to enable clubs and ranges to connect with the new Firearms and Licensing Communications Online Network (FALCON) system being developed by the NSW Firearms Registry.

Grants are available from $500-$20,000.

You can find the guidelines and apply for both programs by visiting the Office of Sport website

The current exhibition at the Grenfell Art Gallery is "Through Different Eyes" by Louise Adams and Ann Gilbert which is on display from the 12th September - 22nd October 2017. The works Louise creates are boldly creative, whereby the undertaking itself takes over and leads her to the creation of interesting, modern and innovative works. Ann's works involve planning through to the perceived finished work before ever lifting a brush. Her works lean towards realism yet many have an underlying abstract component.

The Gallery's opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm & Sunday 10am - 2pm.

It is planned to screen a new movie when the weather warms up and further details will be available in due course. If you have a particular request for a movie please let Lisa at Council's administration office know. Ph 6343 1212.

Finally, a reminder that the Grenfell Jockey Club races will be held this Saturday 23 September, 2017. The races are one of a number of events being conducted over the September/October period. Good luck to the organising committee and hopefully the weather will be fine which will assist in ensuring it will be a fantastic day.

Dates to Note

Friday 22 September 2017 - Recycling Collection (Grenfell East)

Monday 25 September 2017 - Recycling Collection (Grenfell West)


Street Stalls

Saturday 23rd September- Men's Shed





Residents are advised that Weddin Shire Council will be sweeping various Streets on Wednesday 27 September in following towns.

  1. Grenfell
  2. Greenethorpe
  3. Quandialla
  4. Caragabal

Council apologises for any inconvenience.




DA 40/2017


Council has received an Application DA 40/2017 for construction of Storage Shed over Lots 8 Sec 17 in DP 758473 & Lot 7 Alt A Sec 17 in DP 758473 40 George Street, Grenfell.


Inspection:      The application DA No. 40/2017 may be viewed between the hours of 9.00 am to 4.00 pm from Friday 15 September 2017 to Friday 6 October 2017 at the Council's Office, Camp Street, Grenfell.

Submissions:   Any person may make a submission in writing to the Consent Authority within the advertised period.  Submissions objecting to the development are required to specify the grounds for objection.

Written submissions are to be received at Council by 4.00 pm on Friday 6 October 2017.


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