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Council News 10 October 2018

As residents are aware a report on the Main Street Renewal project was submitted to the September Council meeting whereby Council resolved as follows:

“that Council:

  1. Refer the proposal to the Traffic Committee for confirmation of action.
  2. request an extension of the milestone dates under the grant program.
  • urgently proceed with the Concept Evaluation and Community Consultation process for the Grenfell Main Street Draft Design Concept, as detailed in tasks 1 to 4 above, to enable a decision to be made by late October 2018 on the streetscape design and the program for its implementation, as the only technically viable and affordable option.
  1. conduct public trials as per point 1 – 3 above, but modifying point 3 above to be at least 4 weeks if permissible, once authorised by the Traffic Committee.
  2. undertake community consultation during the trial period as per point 4 above.”

As per the resolution, the Main Street Renewal Project was referred to the Traffic Committee meeting on Thursday, 4th October 2018 whereby the following recommendation was made:

“That Council not approve the central road parking and do investigations for other options for the following reasons:

  • Does not meet minimum width requirements
  • Central road parking should be considered only in streets with little through movement and where all traffic moves slowly.
  • 40kmph is considered too fast for central road parking in the Central Business District (CBD). Current speed zone is 50 kmph
  • 10 kmph is not an option”

Because of these constraints, the traffic committee did not authorise the trial period. It is now proposed to submit a further report to the October 2018 Council meeting whereby Council can consider its future direction in regards to the Main Street Upgrade.

Despite the recent beautiful rain around the Shire residents are reminded that NSW Government drought assistance is still available. Although very welcome, the rain isn’t going to change much for farmers in the short term. There will still be difficult decisions to be made now and in the future, so it is important that primary producers bear in mind the support which is available to them.

The NSW Government has recently announced it is making it easier for farmers and their families to access the Drought Assistance Fund and Drought Transport Subsidies by relaxing the gross off-farm asset test. The current criteria is being lifted from $1 million off-farm assets to $5 million, which means more farmers will now be eligible to access drought assistance.

In addition to amending the access criteria, the Government is also making it easier for farmers to get help completing and submitting drought support applications, with Local Land Services offices now providing this assistance. Farmers in the region can now visit their local LLS Office or Rural Financial Counsellor for assistance with preparing and submitting their applications for drought support.

In addition, the Rural Assistance Authority (RAA) is now open until 10pm weeknights, allowing farmers who have been out in the paddocks all day a greater opportunity to seek support.   

These changes will ensure farmers can access the support they need and receive their subsidy payments as quickly as possible.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) research stations and 37 Service NSW offices can also provide assistance to complete drought support applications. To find a local service centre, visit

The NSW Government Emergency Drought Relief package provides more than $1 billion in drought relief measures. For more information visit

Small Business Month 2018 was launched on 1 October 2018 and is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and highlight the contributions that small businesses make to the economy.

Everyone is encouraged to make use of the opportunities on offer during the NSW Small Business Month. The NSW Government has established a website to promote events throughout the month and business people are encouraged to visit the website

Residents are reminded there will be a Business Essentials One-day interactive workshop held in Grenfell next Wednesday 17th October 2018.

The workshop is focused on your business performance and is only $10 to attend (normally $500). The main areas covered in the workshop are:

  • Your annual tax return is next years management data and decision making fodder
  • If you simply file your tax return away each year, this is a MUST ATTEND Masterclass for you
  • Find measures to assess farm business performance e.g. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, ‘KPI’ s
  • Learn how profit is really measured in business
  • Identify ways to improve financial and overall business performance
  • Measure true equity and understand why it is important
  • Understand how banks assess your business … (negotiate a better interest rate!)

Outcomes for the business:

  • Better understand your business financial position and risk.
  • Ability to use financial ratios to understand the business’ performance
  • Present your business as a viable and sustainable business to key stakeholders/banks
  • Understand how bank’s view businesses and how to positively influence their opinion
  • Plan and set goals for the future success of your business
  • Be re-engaged in the business management side of running your business.

The workshop will be held at the Community Hub and will run from 9am – 4pm. This includes all materials and full catering and includes a free copy of ‘Farming the Business’ textbook.

To register or for more information visit, or contact Claire McCann 02 6343 2855 or  email

To further embrace new technology and increase efficiencies Council has purchased a Drone and its associated items including a GPS unit to upgrade the existing system to more modernised equipment. This will facilitate the capture of data more efficiently and economically.

These new techniques will be used in stock taking Council’s gravel pits, Bumbaldry intersection project, Bewleys Road and Mid-Western Highway upgrade near Brundah School area, asset inspections and other roads and projects allowing us to conduct works in a much more efficient and economical manner.

Drone footage of Bewleys Road   

Above is a picture taken along Bewleys Road utilising the new Drone equipment.

Video footage of Bewleys Road from Council's new Drone. 

Council engaged the two local real estate agents to sell Council’s unwanted goods by auction which was held on Friday, 29th June 2018. There were 39 sale items for auction and all were sold.

The total amount raised was $26,781.38 which has been utilised to purchase the new Drone technology mentioned above.

The current exhibition at the Grenfell Art Gallery is "The Call of the Wild" by a group of creators in NSW called the Wilderists which is on display until 14 October 2018.

"Wilderism" n. represents artists that go into the wilderness to seek inspiration and connection to 'place' through direct experience. These artists then create from their heart without regard for accepted ways of creating but rather seek to develop through loose and energetic techniques the raw forces seen in nature itself.

The Art Gallery is open Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm & Sunday 10am -2pm.

The next film to be screened at the Grenfell Cinema will be “Young Einstein” rated PG at 6.45pm Saturday 13 October, 2018.  Please see the adjacent advertisement for further details.

Dates to Note

Friday 19 October 2018 –Recycling Collection (Grenfell East)

Monday 22 October 2018 – Recycling Collection (Grenfell West)


Street Stalls

Friday 12 and Saturday 13 October -  Grenfell Historic Society




In accordance with Section 101 of Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, public notice is hereby given that Council, at its September 2018 meeting or by delegation, has approved the following Development Applications; and are advertised for public information:

DA NO 32/2018 Applicant: Gft & District Snr Citizens Welfare Committee, Property: LOT: 1 DP: 533072 & LOT: B DP: 359308, 98 & 94 George Street, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Carport

DA NO 35/2018 Applicant: Weddin Shire Council, Property: LOT: 28 DP: 1237971, Phil Aston Place GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Subdivision

DA NO 40/2018 Applicant: Mrs PK Livingstone, Property: LOT: 6 SEC: 6 DP: 758473, 12 Weddin Street GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Shed

DA NO 41/2018 Applicant: Mrs ZE Parkes, Property: LOT: B DP: 313933, 48 East Street GRENFELL  NSW  2810 Purpose: Storage Shed

DA NO 43/2018 Applicant: Mr GP Robbins, Property: LOT: 21 SEC: D DP: 7892, 32 Wyalong Street, CARAGABAL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Garage

DA NO 44/2018 Applicant: Mr LJ Coady, Property LOT: 7 SEC: 1 DP: 758473, 12 West Street, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Shed

DA NO 45/2018 Applicant: Mr S Graham, Property LOT: 1254 DP: 754578, 12 North Street GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Alteration to Dwelling

The undermentioned applications were received and determined as Complying Development subject to standard conditions.

CD 4/2018 Applicant: Mr CJ Moran & Mrs KM Williams, Property LOT: 19 DP: 1063500, 144 Simpson Drive, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Storage Shed

CD 7/2018 Applicant: Mr RF & Mrs JL McLelland, Property LOT: 1 DP: 1188325, 17 Lynch’s Lane, GRENFELL  NSW  2810, Purpose: Shed


Council is inviting applications from motivated and enthusiastic persons to fill the following positions:

  • Truck Driver
  • Patch Truck Labourer
  • Patch Truck Operator
  • Apprentice Gardener
  • Apprentice Mechanic
  • Casual Labour for Weeds

Appointment to the position will be in accordance with the Local Government (State) Award.

Further information and job descriptions can be obtained by contacting Katherine or Maegan during business hours on (02) 6343 1212, email or visit Council’s website at

Applications for this position close 4 pm Wednesday, 17 October 2018 and should be forwarded to the undersigned.


The Grenfell Aquatic Centre opened for the 2018/2019 swim season on Monday 1 October 2018 with hours being:

Monday to Thursday: 6.00am – 8.00am, 10.00am – 1.00pm, 3.00pm – 7.00pm

Friday: 6.00am – 8.00am, 10.00am – 1.00pm, 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Saturday: 6.00am – 8.00am, 10.00am – 7.00pm

Sunday:  11.00am – 7.00pm

Public Holidays: 11.00am – 7.00pm


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