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Weddin Shire Council

Integrated Planning

In 2009 the NSW Government enacted and gazetted the Local Government Amendment (Planning and Reporting) Act requiring all New South Wales councils introduce a new planning and reporting framework. This new three-tiered planning process is called Integrated Planning and Reporting, and ensures there are clear links between the long terms goals of the community and the activities of Council.

Below is a summary of the Local Government Planning and Reporting framework and the connected processes:



The components of the Integrated Planning system are available for downloading below.  The Annual Report is available from the "Annual Report" tab.



Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023.pdf

Delivery Program 2013-2017.pdf (PDF) (1.84 MB)

Operational Plan 2014.pdf (PDF) (1.6 MB)




Resourcing Strategy

In accordance with the NSW Government's new requirements for integrated planning, Council has prepared a draft Resourcing Strategy for the next ten years.

The components of the draft Resourcing Strategy are:-


Adopted Long Term Financial Plan 2013-2023.pdf

Workforce Management Plan.pdf

Asset Management Strategy.pdf

Asset Management Policy

Buildings Asset Management Plan.docx

Parks and Recreation Asset Management Plan.doc

Plant and Equipment Asset Management Plan.pdf

Roads and Transport Asset Management Plan.pdf

Sewerage System Asset Management Plan.pdf

Drainage and Flood Protection Asset Management Plan.pdf

Waste Management AMP.pdf


Rating Category Maps

Map Downloads

Map of Bimbi

Map of Caragabal Village

Map of Greenethorpe Village

Map of Quandialla Village

Map of Grenfell Residential

Map of Main Street Business

Map of Weddin Shire



Corporate Planning

The Local Government Act, 1993, requires a Council to prepare a Management Plan during each year with respect to:

(a)    the Council's activities for at least the next three (3) years; and

(b)    the Council's revenue policy for the next year.


Within the resources and information available, this Management Plan endeavours to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act.