Weddin Shire Council

Animals & Pets

Dog Owners 

If your dog is born, sold or given away after July 1999, it must be microchipped and lifetime registered through a local council.

Cat Owners 

If your cat was born, sold or given away after July 1999, it must be microchipped and lifetime registered through a local council.

If your owned your cat before July 1999, you must identify your cat with a collar and tag or microchip.

How do I register my dog/cat under the Companion Aminals Act 1998?

Before registering your pet, it must be microchipped first. This can be done at your local vet. Registration is then to be made at Council's Office. Please ensure that you bring a copy of the microchip form with you when registering your pet.

The cost for registration of your dog/cat is as follows:

  • Non-desexed animal: $210.00
  • Non-desexed animal owned by a recognised breeder: $58.00
  • Desexed animal (with verification papers): $58.00
  • Desexed animal (with verification papers) sold by an eligible pound or shelter: $29.00
  • Desexed animal (with verification papers) owned by a pensioner: $25.00

Weddin Shire Council employs an Animal Control Officer to perform the following duties:

  • The Impounding of stray and unwanted animals
  • The upkeep of Weddin Shire Council's Impounding Facility
  • The possible re-homing of impounded animals
  • Stock callouts
  • To follow the guidelines of relevant Acts to ensure compliance with legislation
  • To promote community education and responsible pet ownership programs

Weddin Shire Council offers the following services:

  • Hiring of traps and barking collars
  • Information in relation to permanent identification and registration requirements
  • Information in relation to offences under the Companion Animals Act 1998 and the Impounding Act 1993
  • Information in relation to the keeping of Dangerous or Restricted dogs
  • Help in preventing nuisance behaviour

Weddin Shire Council has two (2) off leash areas

These are the GRENFELL ARBORETUM on Gooloogong Road and vacant land which is situated on the corner of West Street and South Street (Next to Council Works Depot).

Weddin Shire Council's Impounding facility is located in Memory Street, Grenfell.

Council's Animal Control Officer can be contacted on (02) 6343 1540 or at Council on (02) 6343 1212

Monday to Thursday (Between 7am - 4.15pm) and every second Friday (Between 7am - 1.00pm)

Table - Local Orders Policy for the Keeping of Animals. This table is from Council's -Local Orders Policy for the Keeping of Animals which shows the number of animals which can be kept at a premise.