Weddin Shire Council

Road Network

Road construction and maintenance is the largest item of expenditure in Council's budget.

Road funding comes from various sources, ie from Federal and State Government grants, and from local rates imposed by Council. Council controls some 1,100 km of roads within the Weddin Shire.

Road Ownership, Classification and Responsibilities

Roads may be classified into four areas, ie National Roads, State Roads, Regional Roads and Local Roads, as defined:

  • National Road - funded by the Commonwealth Government but managed by the RTA.
  • State Road - funded by the State Government but managed by the RTA.
  • Regional Road - funded by the RTA but managed by Council.
  • Local Road - funded and managed by Council.

Finance for Roads

Finance for work on National Roads is provided by the Commonwealth Government and is generally administered by the RTA through Single Invitation Maintenance Contracts. Finance for State and Regional Roads is provided for by the State Government under the following programs:

  • State Road - Single Invitation Maintenance Contract
  • Regional Roads
  • Block Grant
  • REPAIR program (in competition with other Councils)
  • any additional allocation (previously provided under the 3x3 program)

Finance for Local Roads is funded from Commonwealth Government's Financial Assistance Grant - Roads Component and Council's own funds.

Road Statistics

In Weddin Shire there are:

  • 927 kilometres of local roads,
  • 122 kilometres of Regional Roads, and
  • 123 kilometres of State Road


Council operates an extensive plant fleet on roadworks. The fleet includes graders, loaders, backhoes, rollers, tipping trucks,  low loader, jetpatcher, and minor plant and equipment.


Footpaths are deemed to be part of the road. Footpaths are Council's responsibility.

Kerb and Gutter

Kerb and gutter is also deemed to be part of the road. Kerb and gutter length within Weddin Shire is about 34 km. Generally, residents are required to contribute half the cost of kerb and gutter works in most cases. The Kerb and Gutter allocation includes funding for providing vehicle entrances.

Street Lighting

Council is responsible for the provision of street lighting in the urban areas. The capital cost of new lighting, as well as an annual charge on the electricity used by each light, is met from Council funds. Essential Energy is the current supplier and they carry out any maintenance required on the system as part of the annual charge. Route lighting on the National and State Roads is subsidised by the Roads and Traffic Authority.

Requests for Road Works

In the past, works such as gravel resheeting, have been included in a program following requests from residents. While this will continue, the main emphasis for program development will be on inspection of the network and prioritisation of required works to best meet the needs of the network rather than individual cases.

Road Closures

For further information on road closures in the Weddin Shire please click on the link to access the Roads and Maritime Services (formally the RTA) website.