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Blayney - Cowra - Demondrille Railway Lines

A meeting of the Ministerial Taskforce was held at Cowra on 4 May and was attended by the Mayor and General Manager. Also in attendance was Rachel Johnson, (Deputy Director General of Transport), Justin McGuire (Principal Manager, Freight Regulation), Professor Ian Gray (CSU), Clr Bill West (Mayor of Cowra), Mr Mike Foster (Economic Development Officer Cowra) and Mr Greg Beileiter (Trade and Investment, Orange).


Matters discussed included:-

  • an update on a prior meeting of Mike Foster with Transport for NSW to assess freight volumes,
  • the loss of logging freight from Visy,
  • possible mining freight,
  • the possibility of additional freight with a Class 1 line,
  • comparative costs for a Class 3 line ($29M) and a Class 1 line ($180M),
  • impact of the possible Maldon - Dombarton line.

An important issue raised by Transport for NSW was for Councils to consider possible contributions, either financial or otherwise. Suggested undertakings were:-

  • mass restrictions on competing roads,
  • B-double and HML access to rail heads,
  • buffer zones around rail lines in residential areas,
  • level crossing problems and possible reductions.

Transport for NSW seems to have accepted the nominated freight volumes and the DDG is to consult with the Minister in the next few weeks for approval to continue with the project.

To view reports on the Blayney - Cowra - Demondrille Line please click on the links below.

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