Weddin Shire Council


Residents will notice that, as part of the Main Street Renewal project the Plane trees located at the pedestrian crossing and out the front of the Criterion Hotel will be removed.

The existing trees pose a threat to public safety; the copious number of seed pods dropped by the trees and the uneven terrain brought about by their uplifting root systems have caused countless slip and trip incidents. Council regularly cleans the street of the hazardous pods to mitigate the chance of injury however this busy bottleneck sees significant foot traffic and the risk is evident.

Council made the decision to replace the Plane trees with quality advanced Autumn Blaze trees (pictured) as part of the Main Street Renewal. The hybrid red maples will match the overall landscape design of the Main Street, thereby reinforcing the nexus of public amenity as well as eliminate the safety issues arising from the existing trees.

Safety ranks first in all activities of Council. To this end, the decorative ‘festoon’ lighting crisscrossing the Main Street will also be removed as part of the street lighting installation component of the Renewal project.

Although not included in the original scope of works, the significant safety concerns since identified necessitate the removal of these lights. It was discovered that the electrical cable is not UV stabilised and therefore, over time the protective coating has disintegrated in the sunlight. If this livewire comes into contact with the steel catenary wire, both the wire and the poles supporting the lights could also become live and pose a potentially life-threatening risk to workers and pedestrians. In the interest of public safety, the degraded ‘festoon’ lighting will be dismantled and disposed of.

Reinstatement of the festoon lights by way of future grant funding is currently being considered by Council.

Further information on the Main Street Renewal project is available online