Weddin Shire Council

Draft Grenfell (Land Use/Settlement) Strategy




Weddin Shire Council has resolved to prepare a Land Use Strategy for the Town of Grenfell.  The Grenfell (Land Use) Settlement Strategy ('Strategy') aims to guide future growth and appropriate land use controls to facilitate the desired types and form of development across the town.  


Grenfell does not currently have an integrated land use strategy yet it has the greatest potential for growth and change in the Shire.  Responding and adapting to this change requires a clear vision and objectives to maximise opportunities and address challenges, supported by clear consultation with stakeholders and the community.  


The process has progressed to a point where draft documentation has been adopted by Council to engage in public consultation.


To this effect, Council has placed these documents on public exhibition for 28 days seeking comments. 

Click on the following links to view the documents:

  1. Grenfell LU Strategy 2019, Cover & contents
  2. Part A – Local Profile & Background
  3. Part B1 – Commercial
  4. Part B2 – Industrial
  5. Part B3 – Urban Residential


In relation to the public exhibition of the documents submissions will be received up to 4pm, 30th August 2019.


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