Weddin Shire Council


Council has developed a number of policies to assist in the provision of its servicing and other requirements.  Listed below are the current policies as at the 1 December 2014.  Please click on the policy to view.

Policy Number Policy Document
1.2.4 Street Stalls
1.4.5 Legal Action for Outstanding Debts
1.5.3 Enforcement
1.6.16 Fees, Expenses and Facilities for Councillors 2021/2022
1.8.6 Purchase and Replacement of Motor Vehicles
1.9.5 Undertaking Private Works
1.10.5 Records Management
1.13.3 Credit Card Use
1.14.3 Email Communications with Council
1.15.3 Information Services Usage
1.16.3 Communication & Consultation
1.17.3 Investment
1.18.3 Asset Management
1.19.2 Gathering Information
1.20.2 Hardship Assistance
1.21.2 Taking Photographs in the Grenfell Art Gallery
1.22.2 Rates and Charges Pensioner Rebate
1.23.2 Procurement
1.25.2 Related Party Disclosure
1.26.2 Community Projects Support
1.27.1 Sustainable Best Value
1.28.1 Fraud and Corruption
1.29.1 Public Interest Disclosure
2.2.6 Keeping of Animals
2.3.3 Travelling Stock in Grenfell
3.2.3 No Smoking - Public Places and Council Owned Land
3.5.6 Management of Noxious Weeds on Private Property
3.6.2 Weeds Inspection Programme
5.1.5 Tree Preservation, Removal and Replacement Planting
5.4.4 Footpath, Restaurants and Street Trading
5.5.3 Cemetery Operations Plan
5.6.3 Waste and Recycling Service
5.7.2 Management of Asbestos
5.8.2 Heritage Restoration
5.9.2 Contaminated Land
5.10.1 Inspection of Roads
5.12.1 Landscaping on Nature Strips
7.1.5 Sewer Extensions and Connections
7.2.4 Grenfell Sewer Contributions Plan
7.4.4 Onsite Sewage Management
8.3.7 Use of Parks, Reserves and Sporting Grounds
8.4.2 Signage as Remote Supervision
10.1.12 Building and Development
10.2.4 Notification Development Policy
10.4.5 General Boundary Fencing
10.5.4 Boundary Fencing in Heritage Areas
10.6.2 Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection
11.1.8 Construction of Kerb and Gutter Footways Access and Driveways
11.2.7 Design Standards for Rural Roads
11.3.4 Management of Street Trees
11.4.4 Public Gates and Motor Bypasses
11.5.2 Management of Trees and Tree Roots
11.6.1 Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Footpaths
11.7.1 School Bus Routes and Stops
12.3.5 Incentives for New Businesses (Shops)
12.4.5 Incentives for New Businesses (General)
12.5.5 Incentives for Expansion of Existing Businesses
14.2.4 Statement of Liability
14.9.2 Injury Management and Return to Work (Rehabilitation)
14.11.2 Smoke Free Areas
14.12.3 CCTV Workplace Surveillance
14.13.4 Telephone Reimbursement
14.14.4 Opening Tenders and Quotations
14.15.4 Training and Education Expenses
14.16.3 Staff Recruitment and Selection
14.18.3 Equal Employment Opportunity
14.20.4 Salary System
14.21.3 Resolution of Grievances
14.22.4 Public interest Disclosures
14.23.2 Private Use of Vehicles
14.24.3 Alcohol and Other Drugs
14.25.2 Loss of Drivers Licence
14.26.2 Child Protection
14.27.2 Procedure for Alcohol and Other Drugs
15.1.2 Code of Conduct and Procedures
15.2.3 Code of Meeting Practices
15.3.4 Statement of Values
15.4.4 Statement of Business Ethics
15.6.3 Customer Service Charter
15.7.3 Internal Audit
15.8.1 Interaction Between Councillors and Staff
16.1.2 Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan
16.2.2 Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
16.3.2 Pesticide Use Notification Plan
16.4.2 Privacy Management Plan
16.6.2 Local Companion Animals Management Plan
16.7.2 Management Plan for Community Lands
16.8.2 Work Health Safety Management Plan
16.9.1 Weddin Active Transport Plan
16.13.2 Management Plan for Gravel Pits and Quarries
16.14.2 Plan of Management - Henry Lawson Oval
16.15.1 Fraud and Corruption Management Plan