Weddin Shire Council

Council Elections

The next election to be held in Weddin Shire will be in September 2020.

It is compulsory to vote in an election if you are on the electoral roll.

The Process

Local Government elections and by-elections are conducted in a legal environment in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005.

The NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) is responsible for the conduct of all Local Government elections to ensure that the elections are conducted independently and impartially.

An independent Returning Officer is appointed by the NSWEC to each Council area to conduct the election on behalf of and under the direction of the Electoral Commissioner.

The Electoral Commissioner appoints the polling places for Council elections and the Returning Officer appoints the election officials.

Each Council is required by law to meet the costs of the conduct of its election.  The NSWEC works with each Council to establish agreed service levels.

Go to NSW Electoral Commission for further information regarding the upcoming elections.

Non Residential Owners of Rateable Land

For the 2012 Local Government elections the NSW Electoral Commission is providing Councils with a Non Residential Roll Claim Form to assist claimants with their enrolment.

Non-Resident Roll Form

Residents of Weddin Shire

All residents of Weddin Shire are entitled to vote at the Local Government elections if they are registered on the electoral roll and voting is compulsory.  Electors enrolled for Federal and State elections are automatically enrolled for their local Council area.

Becoming A Councillor

An information booklet for potential candidates has been prepared jointly by the Department of Local Government and the Local Government and Shires Associations. 

Follow this link to view the "Becoming a Councillor" Information Booklet.  All downloads are in Acrobat Format (pdf).

2012 Local Government Elections

Certain non-resident ratepayers are entitled to vote in Local Government elections.  Weddin Shire Council prepares and maintains a non-resident ratepayers roll for the statutory period associated with a scheduled Local Government election.

The Local Government Act 1993 (Section 299) provides that the non-resident ratepayer roll lapses after each election, including by-elections, and the roll is prepared specifically for each election.  The roll is not maintained between elections.

The opening of the roll is Friday 1 June 2012 and closing Monday 30 July 2012.  Past practice has been to advertise the opening of the roll prior to the election in accordance with Clause 280 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, inviting claims for inclusion on the roll for that election. 

Inclusion on the non-resident ratepayer roll entitles a person to vote in the election, but application must still be made for a pre-poll or postal ballot to exercise that right if not physically voting at a polling booth in the Council area on election day.

Applications must be made on the prescribed form

Follow this link to view and download Forms for Non- Residential Voting.  All downloads are in Acrobat Format (pdf).