Weddin Shire Council

Mid Lachlan Alliance

The Shire Councils of Forbes, Lachlan, Parkes and Weddin have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form an alliance (called the Mid Lachlan Alliance) to work co-operatively together, share resources and knowledge, and seek greater efficiencies. The Mid Lachlan Alliance covers the four local government areas of Forbes, Parkes, Lachlan and Weddin Shires, representing a combined population of over 35,000 people and an annual expenditure in excess of $80 M.

The four alliance partners are committed to working co-operatively together, sharing resources, and knowledge, to ensure existing services are maintained, additional services are provided where possible and greater efficiencies are achieved in the provision of services to residents of all four Shires.

The board is comprised of two Councillors (usually the Mayor and Deputy Mayor) and one staff member (usually the General Manager) of each Council.

The chair is rotated between Councils with the secretariat being supplied by the chair's Council.

Meetings are held at two or three monthly intervals on a rotating basis.

There are three Professional sub committees which report to the board, being:-

  • Corporate Services
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Services

Other committees may be appointed such as the Drought Committee which has been operating since 2007.

Recommendations from the board need to be endorsed by the member Councils.

To view member Councils' websites of the Mid Lachlan Alliance please click on the following links:-